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Side City is a third party developer game studio for land based, online and social gaming markets based in Montreal, Canada. The studio provides full service turnkey solutions to some of the largest gaming companies throughout the world. Through its partners the studio distributes its games globally. And with an emphasis on high quality, premium graphics and unique math models, Side City has developed some of the best performing content in the industry. It’s the place where unique creations come to life!

Our approach is based on two strengths. First, our commitment to maintain close relationships with our clients and partners. Second, our team which is made of outstanding and motivated professionals who work in constant synergy to meet our client’s high standards of quality.

But, above all, we create the best of game slots because of our passion and dedicated love for gaming and gambling!



Side City is a digital production environment with multidisciplinary expertise and an approach as unique as its location in historic Old Montreal.

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Our approach to work is based on two strengths: First, we maintain close relationships with our clients, which has fostered loyalty.

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Our production methodology is based on many years of experience, from which we developed reliable and flexible work processes.

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If your are looking for someone to give life to your vision, you are in the right place. Side City provides a wide range of products that will surely meet your expectations

  • Coral Reels
  • Coral Reels
  • Dia de Los Muertos
  • Bavarian Fest
  • Charms And Witcheries
  • Secret Of Venice
  • Show Girls


Our activities complement those of companies specializing in production and product editing for entertainment, corporate imaging, education, advertising and casinos. These firms, working with a range of new media, combine creativity, interactivity, digital imaging and technological advances to create new applications and projects for their own fields of activity.

We developed our various areas of specialization by applying our multidisciplinary experience and open production environment to our clients’ innovative projects. Our mandates have been so diverse that we can now offer a wide range of services in which we have a proven expertise.

Effective well beyond the specialized fields for which they were originally developed, our production services include:

Casino Products

Production of slot machines, HD progressive-jackpot screens and casino interiors. Also game-related components for printouts and promotional brochures and catalogues.

Video and Television Productions

HD promotional, corporate and documentary videos, television, generic and unique program intros, video clips and advertisements.

Virtual Scenography

Digital visual content and interactive projection.

Digital Cinema

Special effects, Colorization and Editing.

Digital Signage

Content for local broadcast on PC, CD-ROM, DVD or Blu-ray, and also content for network broadcast.

Video Games, PC and Online

Concept and design of levels, virtual environments, character creation and animation, kinematics, game interfaces, integration with the engine, promotional videos and marketing products.

IPhone Applications

Casual games, anime series, interactive and non-interactive promotional products and applications.

Related Online Products

Online games and promotional sites .


Art direction, project management, concept, design and scripting, storyboard and layout production. 2D and 3D graphics production, animation, visualization, simulation, editing and special effects. 



Our headquarters are in Las Vegas, but our people know no boundaries. We have extended hubs in Sydney, Stockholm, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Kiev, Gibraltar, Malta, Rome, New Jersey and Dublin. Each individual location is unique and rich in a culture that is a reflection of its region and the people who work and play there.

In Montreal, our Side City studio is always interested to here from talented individuals with outstanding technical knowledge and artistic abilities.

What makes a great company ?

As a team member, we bring you a little bit of…

  • Performance focused culture right across the business
  • A work hard, play hard environment
  • Passion, creativity and innovation are cornerstones of our business
  • Fun and nurturing environment
  • New learning and development opportunities
  • Diverse and global opportunities
  • People friendly culture
  • Competitive salary package

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